The air quality report for everyone.

2021: Our Air in Review is a collective view of global pollution, containing thought-provoking research, news and conversations.

The air around us, both indoors and outdoors, is integral to human health, our comfort and productivity. This report is a retrospective look at air quality over the past year and a comprehensive source of information for anyone who would like to learn more about both indoor and outdoor air pollution.

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2021: Our Air in Review features:

  • Air quality overview
  • Global views
  • Health
  • Inequalities
  • Schools/children
  • Workplaces
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Moving forward: turning the tide on air pollution

Featuring the voices of over 25 industry leaders, including full-length interviews with:

  • Gregga Baxter, General Manager at Gulf International Bank
  • Nicola Carslaw, Professor of Indoor Air Chemistry at University of York
  • Kimi Chaddah, Freelance Journalist at gal-dem
  • Ben Cross, Development Associate at General Projects
  • Sara Grineski, Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at the University of Utah
  • Jemima Hartshorn, Founder of Mums for Lungs
  • Piers MacNaughton, Director of Health Strategy at View
  • Stephanie Scibilia, Director of Channel Partnerships at SafeTraces, Inc.
  • Keith Wyatt, Managing Director at UV Clean Light

Key findings

Through our research conducted for this report, we discovered the following key findings:


said they would consider paying more for a home with good air quality.


might not work for a company who isn’t transparent about their indoor air.


believe air in schools should be monitored following the outbreak of COVID-19.

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