The AirRated Journal is a space dedicated to the expansive issue of air quality. From tips on how to improve your indoor air quality, to deep dives on environmental issues like air pollution and climate change, our articles explore a variety of air quality-related topics.

By increasing awareness of the implications of poor air quality, both indoor and outdoor, we hope to be part of the change that creates a healthier future for generations to come. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with if you have any questions or things you would like to see us write about next.

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Top 10 sustainable gift ideas for 2020

After a tough year, we are all looking to find the perfect gift for our friends and family. We’ve picked out 10 eco-conscious gifts that are perfect for loved ones wanting to make the world a greener place.  From plantable pencils to cork yoga mats, there really is a sustainable gift for everyone. For the … Read more

Carbon sinks have a positive benefit on air quality

How do carbon sinks lower CO2 emissions?

Over the last two months, anthropogenic behaviour has significantly slowed down due to a worldwide lockdown. As we remain inside, the natural world continues to move on and many environmental benefits have been seen. This includes; improvements to air quality and visibility, clearer waters in Venice and liberated wildlife. However, one particular outcome has caught … Read more

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Global indoor air quality benchmark launches

This excerpt is taken from Prime Resi – Journal of Luxury Property Ekkist founder Olga Turner Baker has launched a new venture, teaming up with Metrikus to create AirRated, which provides property developers and owners with a “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality”. A new “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality” has launched today, offering official … Read more

Bad air quality causing smog in Los Angeles

High pollution event sweeps across the UK

There is a high pollution event sweeping across the UK this weekend, where Southern England and Wales will most likely see the highest levels. This is the result of weather systems blowing high levels of pollutants across from Europe and the low winds over the UK being unable to disperse them. The sources of the … Read more