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Imperial Brands, 245 Hammersmith



27,000 sqft

London, UK

LGIM/Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands’ office sits on the 11th and top floor of the 245 Hammersmith building in West London. With 245 Hammersmith having achieved AirScore Platinum (via Legal & General) at Cat A fit-out (including the main reception and communal areas), alongside achieving an Excellent BREEAM rating, Imperial Brands were keen to have their own space certified independently as part of their fit-out and move into the 11th floor.

The Objective

With 245 Hammersmith offering occupiers floorplates with the flexibility to adapt and create their ideal workspace, they were looking to ensure they were creating a working environment where the wellbeing and safety of their employees was a priority, in line with their ESG strategy aimed at creating healthier futures for their stakeholders. Getting an independent evaluation of their unique space was a great way to communicate their commitment to creating a safe, healthy and productive working environment and ensure they were making the right design and specification choices.

Their aim was to ensure that the 11th floor fell within a reasonable threshold of the Cat A AirScore of 245 Hammersmith so that they could be confident of a high-perfoming, healthy space when “in-use”.

The Outcome

Imperial Brands achieved AirScore Gold across the 11th floor, signifying best-in-class design and specification for a healthy building that will achieve outstanding indoor air quality, meeting the score also achieved by 245 Hammersmith.

With a high ventilation rate of 14l/s/p and high-quality filtration systems, Imperial Brands were able to perform exceptionally well in reducing fine dust in the space as well as managing CO2 levels during high occupancy.

Careful material selection, considerate workspace design and voluntary performance testing for indoor air quality were aligned to best practices from the Fitwel and AirRated.

The Benefits

Achieving a Gold AirScore classification has not only proven the high quality of indoor air in the Imperial Brands office space. Still, it has also provided their team with a greater understanding of their indoor environment within the context of 245 Hammersmith, which also is undertaking continuous monitoring and monthly AirScore analysis to support occupiers, and has shown improved performance over the past 6 months too.

Through an active approach of going above and beyond standard practice for office fit-out, Imperial Brands have created a space that not only looks the part but also promotes and upholds the health, wellbeing and productivity of their people.

“Working with AirRated allows us to collaborate closely with occupiers, such as Imperial Brands, in our buildings to ensure their space is meeting and exceeding the best practice levels of air quality.

This is so important for the health and productivity of people in these spaces and for demonstrating buildings such as 245 Hammersmith are delivering the high quality experience we expect.”

Mark Tyson, Head of Property Operations at LGIM