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The Future Works, Ashby Capital



100,000 sqft


The Future Works, Ashby Capital’s joint venture office development with U+I, is the first phase of a £200 million investment in Slough. It provides exceptional facilities, including a 3,100 sq ft communal roof terrace with views of Windsor Castle. The striking building, designed by award-winning architects Sheppard Robson, offers Grade A office space over seven floors.

The Objective

The Future Works already boasted impressive wellness, sustainability and technology credentials, but Ashby Capital wanted an easy way to show occupants not only how excellent the indoor air quality is, but why this is so important.

The Outcome

The Future Works was the first building in the UK to receive a Platinum AirScore. During the three-week survey, the air in the building was seen to contain exceptionally low levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), well below target levels set by the World Health Organisation. The building also showed low levels of TVOCs, demonstrating high-quality building material selection, well-regulated temperature and humidity measurements within the optimal range for health and wellbeing.

The Benefits

Achieving an AirScore has not only proven the high quality of indoor air in The Future Works, but has also provided occupants with a far greater understanding of the indoor environment.

QR codes are incorporated around the building to supplement the AirScore certification. When scanned, occupiers see detailed descriptions of the building’s score, what is measured (IAQ factors, their sources and impacts), and how thoughtful design and operation continues to deliver a consistently healthy and productive space to work. This is an interactive way to engage with people working and visiting the space.

The AirScore’s value goes beyond certification and offers deeper awareness and understanding of indoor air quality to all who use the building.

“We seek to create smart, sustainable office buildings that meet modern occupiers’ evolving requirements, and so we’re extremely proud that The Future Works is the UK’s first building to be AirScore Platinum. 2020 has accelerated the growing awareness of the importance of indoor air quality, not only for our health, but also for our wellbeing and productivity. By delivering a first-rate indoor environment alongside our tailor-made app, which facilitates contactless entry and anonymous social distancing monitoring, The Future Works not only allows occupiers to feel confident in their return to work, but makes a positive contribution to employees’ quality of life.”

Tom Smithers, Property Director Ashby Capital