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The Manhattan Building, Victory Partners

AirScore D&O


479,000 sqft


Manhattan, developed by Icon Real Estate, is one of the most visible buildings in Brussels, at the very heart of the new CBD. Originally constructed in 1972, this landmark building has undergone a comprehensive redevelopment to convert the building into a market-leading office complex.

The Objective

Manhattan has been retrofitted with a strong commitment to sustainability and occupant wellbeing. By undertaking a D&O assessment, Icon Real Estate hoped to set a new standard for indoor air quality and demonstrate their commitment to delivering a best-in-class office ecosystem.

The Outcome

Manhattan was awarded the first AirScore D&O Platinum rating in continental Europe. This signifies best-in-class design and specification for a healthy building that will achieve outstanding indoor air quality. 

Manhattan uses particle filters on its ventilation systems several grades higher than those usually specified, with gas phase filters that prevent pollutants from entering the building. Products used in the construction are specified to have low emissions of VOCs and the building also has high ventilation rates that provide dilution of VOCs. A highly efficient desiccant rotary heat exchanger has been fitted, along with a humidification system that can keep the humidity in the 40-60% optimal range. 

This is a project that is meticulous in its attention to every detail, and a Platinum rating confirms that the space will provide a healthy environment for the thousands of people that will spend their working week inside the building.

The Benefits

Achieving an AirScore D&O Platinum rating has allowed Icon Real Estate to differentiate itself from other developers in a competitive market. Manhattan has set a new standard for office space in Benelux, going above and beyond to optimise occupant health and wellbeing.

One of the biggest challenges we face is to create buildings that are healthier for people and better for the environment: Manhattan is a shining example of a sustainable and resilient space that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

“We are thrilled that Manhattan has been awarded the Platinum AirScore D&O rating by AirRated and that the building has set the new standard for business environments within the market. Icon Real Estate is committed to providing best-in-class business ecosystems within its buildings and today, more than ever, we believe that a holistic approach to sustainability is a vital component of any real estate strategy. Designed with people in mind and with a forward-thinking approach to ensure Manhattan can respond to future changes in tenant expectations, we are proud to have achieved the highest possible accreditation.”

Erik Moresco, Icon Real Estate