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The Met Office Headquarters, Exeter


Public Sector

100,640 sqft

Exeter, UK

The Objective

By achieving an AirScore, The Met Office hoped to gain a detailed insight into the health of their indoor space. The key objective was to ensure their headquarters provides a consistently healthy and productive environment for its staff.

The Outcome

Our analysis revealed that The Met Office Headquarters had good air quality, achieving an AirScore Silver of 8.4, meaning that they fall into the top 15% of UK buildings for Indoor Air Quality performance. They also achieved AirPure which is awarded when a building achieves at least one entire day during the evaluation period of exceptional PM2.5.

PM2.5 are fine particles which are the most harmful pollutant for health and wellbeing and the current guideline set by WHO is 10ug/m3, with a potential revision to halve this. AirPure is a difficult standard to achieve so much so that the Met Office is the first and only site to date to be awarded this accolade.

The Benefits

Achieving an AirScore Silver has demonstrated that The Met Office is dedicated to optimising the health and wellbeing of their employees. The AirRated report provided them with an even greater understanding of their indoor environment, and outlined a series of operational enhancements which they could make to optimise their air quality going forwards. Being able to communicate the exceptional health of the space to employees has been invaluable in terms of boosting team morale and confidence.

“One thing that really stood out to me was the level of detail in the results report and how well presented it was. The results were highly reassuring, reflecting the hard work that property management has been doing to ensure and maintain good levels of air quality.”

Ralph James, FM and Technical Services Manager, The Met Office Headquarters