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AirRated was born out of the desire to empower people with knowledge about their indoor environment. Exposure to poor air quality can have a hugely adverse impact on our health, wellbeing, and productivity. We help our clients to promote healthy spaces by raising awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and providing strategies for improvement.

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If you’re a talented, hard-working team player with a passion for science and wellbeing, and are looking for an exciting opportunity in a fast-growing company, then you’re in the right place.

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Francesca Brady is the CEO at AirRated. She holds a Masters degree in Environmental Science, is a Fitwel Ambassador, currently working towards her WELL AP accreditation and an active member of the Urban Land Institute.

During her degree Francesca specialised in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), focusing on the chemistry behind the generation of primary and secondary pollutants and their consequent health impacts. Taking an active interest in pursuing the effects of IAQ on the health, wellbeing and productivity of people she was able to take this knowledge into her current role and help shape the AirRated Scoring System.

Keen to educate others on the importance of good air quality, Francesca takes an active role in the education part of our mission.

Francesca, alongside other members of our team, have created a variety of CPD sessions which can be delivered in person or over video calls.

Demonstrate your commitment to better indoor air quality globally and get recognised as a leader in wellbeing.

The AirRated AP program can help you to make an impact, further your knowledge, and connect with like-minded experts in both the HVAC systems and indoor air quality industries.