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Global indoor air quality benchmark launches

Article from: Prime Resi

A new “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality” has launched today, offering official certification for new-build homes as well as public sector and office buildings. AirRated has been created by well-building guru Olga Baker Turner, who has teamed up with environmental tech agency Metrikus to help property developers and owners better
understand, improve and communicate air quality information with occupants.

Indoor air quality can suffer as buildings become more air-tight to help energy-efficiency, while some construction
materials can introduce potentially harmful chemicals. “Materials used to construct and decorate buildings are long-term sources of ‘VOCs’ (air-borne chemical compounds) and formaldehyde,” warned the Royal College of Physicians earlier this year. Many furnishings are treated with flame retardant chemicals, while fires, candles, cooking and some cleaning products release small particles, gases, and/or VOCs. Activities such as cooking, showering or drying clothes indoors cause moisture and can lead to damp or mould.

The AirRated team estimates that British people spend around 90% of their time indoors, and cites research from the Global Alliance on Health & Pollution that warns that some five million premature deaths are caused by breathing poor air; a recent British study by the Royal College of Paediatricians & Child Health indicated that children in particular are being exposed to harmful levels of pollutants as a result.

“Air quality is arguably the single greatest determinant of our overall health and well-being in buildings,” declares Baker Turner.

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