Get points towards GRESB with “hands-off” IAQ certifications

AirRated’s GRESB accredited AirScore™ certifications not only help you understand how healthy or sustainable your building is, but contribute points to your next GRESB reporting cycle too.

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    Make securing GRESB points easy.

    Our AirScore certifications are accredited building certifications for GRESB, meaning that they align perfectly with GRESB’s scoring system.

    Not only does an AirScore quantify IAQ within your space and across your portfolio to benchmark and future-proof building performance and health, but it also helps you secure GRESB points across a number of different areas of the GRESB assessment.

    Get certified in just 10 weeks.

    Whether you are at design stage, pre or post-occupancy with your building, within 10 weeks our suite of building certifications will give you the insights into how healthy your building is, recommendations to improve your score as well as training, education and marketing support – led by our team of air quality experts.

    Join over 10 million sq ft of real estate committed to creating healthy and sustainable buildings today.

    Why get an AirScore?

    At AirRated we have created a global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality; the AirScore. Created by a team of environmental scientists and air quality experts, an AirScore is a simple and reliable measure for Indoor Air Quality in the built environment

    There are a number of reasons why our clients choose to do an AirScore, whether that’s attracting occupiers and residents, enhancing marketing campaigns or responding to changing expectations for indoor spaces for their own teams. Across the board, an AirScore shows consideration for the wellbeing of all building users.

    Our certifications also align with common building certifications and healthy building schemes such as The WELL Standard, BREEAM and Fitwel.

    How do AirScores Work?

    How it works

    The three-week AirRated environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. Data from outdoor environmental monitoring stations is also analysed and taken into consideration, as this can have a significant impact on your Indoor Air Quality.

    Once the data is collected, our in-house environmental scientists test these data sets against the AirRated scoring system, to generate your building’s AirScore.

    The AirScore consists of five fundamental parameters. The three most impactful (PM2.5, CO2 and TVOCs) must each meet a mandatory minimum threshold requirement for 95% of survey hours in order to pass and become ‘Certified’.

    A report is then provided with a detailed analysis of your Indoor Air Quality, alongside any suggested remedial actions.

    How it works

    An AirRated consultant will review and assess your specification and suggest recommendations for improvement and optimisation, all whilst keeping sustainability as a key concern. Along with the fundamental parameters – PM2.5, CO2, temperature, humidity and TVOCs – we will also evaluate other particulates, inorganic gaseous compounds, and pathogens. The design will be evaluated against CIBSE Guide A and the AirRated Global Standards to check minimum requirements are met.

    This review process assesses the systems put in place to achieve a healthy building. If all minimum requirements are met, the development will receive an AirScore D&O, which is tiered (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified) depending on the grade of specification. The D&O is valid until the scheme’s completion. Upon completion of the project, the building will be eligible for a full AirScore certification.

    How it works

    The Monthly AirScore provides a method of continuous certification. Every month, a three-page pdf report is delivered with an up-to-date AirScore achieved, based on the last 30 days of IAQ data, and indicators of performance for individual parameters.

    Much like the annual AirScore, the purpose of creating the Monthly AirScore is to provide a meaningful metric that consolidates data collected by IAQ sensors, displayed in an easily digestible format. It is a high-level indicator for the health of the building’s indoor environment, which can be used to compare like-for-like across a portfolio of assets.

    With a regular score and report, your building assets can benefit from ongoing protection and an enhanced lifetime. The sustainability aspect of an indoor air quality certification also proves commitment to environmental issues and can become part of your Environmental and Social Governance reporting.

    A Monthly AirScore will:

    • Present live data
    • Send alerts when air quality fails
    • Optimise your building’s health
    • Optimise the health of your residents or workforce
    • Provides ESG support
    • Attract tenants








    8.6 – 9.3

    7.8 – 8.5

    6.6 – 7.7

    AirScore D&O


    7.5 – 8.4

    6.5 – 7.4

    5.0 – 6.4

    Join over 10 million sq ft of real estate committed to creating healthy and sustainable buildings today.


    Do AirScore certifications align with GRESB reporting?

    Yes, AirScore and AirScore D&O both align with GRESB and can be used towards your reporting to earn points.

    Which AirScore certification is right for me?

    If your building is still in the planning and design stages then AirScore D&O is suitable. If your building has reached practical completion, we recommend undertaking an AirScore certification.

    How much does an AirScore cost?

    AirScore D&O has a flat fee of £7,500 (+ VAT), whilst the AirScore is a flat fee of £2,250 & £0.05 per sq. ft (+ VAT) to a maximum cost of £12,250 per building (pricing capped at 200,000 sq.ft).

    Are there discounts if I have multiple buildings?

    Yes, if you have multiple buildings please get in touch to discuss portfolio pricing with our team.

    How much input do we need to provide to get certified?

    Not a lot! Ahead of each certification, we will send you an RFI document to provide us with the initial information we need to undertake our studies. If you are conducting an AirScore we will need to visit the site for a survey and also to install and decommission sensors where appropriate. Usually it requires very little time commitment from you to undertake certification.

    How long does certification take?

    Each certification usually takes up to 10 weeks, as long as the right information is provided at the required times.

    How long does my certification last?

    AirScore D&O certifications are valid up until 3 months post-practical completion. Once your building is up and running, you can validate the performance of the space using an AirScore.The AirScore is valid for 1 year and requires annual testing to maintain certification.

    Secure GRESB points with an AirScore

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