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The Global Benchmark for Indoor Air Quality

On the 12th of March, we celebrated the official launch of AirRated, a certification programme providing an easily recognisable international benchmark for Indoor Air Quality.

We were delighted to award AirScore plaques to our inaugural clients, covering our three key sectors; residential, public and commercial. For residential, we have monitored and advised Landsby West, a Tipi BTR scheme by Quintain at Wembley Park. Our case studies for the public and commercial sectors are the MET Office Building in Exeter, and The Office Group’s Summit House respectively.

Following a great evening, we are very much looking forward to expanding our client base and helping owners and occupiers alike to better understand and improve Indoor Air Quality. Our aim is to create an internationally accepted industry standard for measuring and classifying air quality across all use cases in the built environment.

What is an AirScore?
We deliver an easily recognisable international benchmark for Indoor Air Quality (IS). Our certification is underpinned by leading medical and scientific research and industry best practice guidelines.

An AirScore is generated following a monitoring period of three weeks and is valid for a period of 12 months. The score is comprised of five fundamental parameters that must meet a minimum threshold requirement for 95% of survey hours in order to pass. These are. CO2. PM2.5, TVOC Temperature and Humidity

The ratings are tiered ranging from AirScore Certified, Silver, Gold and the highest level Platinum

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