The AirRated Journal is a space dedicated to the expansive issue of air quality. From tips on how to improve your indoor air quality, to deep dives on environmental issues like air pollution and climate change, our articles explore a variety of air quality-related topics.

By increasing awareness of the implications of poor air quality, both indoor and outdoor, we hope to be part of the change that creates a healthier future for generations to come. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with if you have any questions or things you would like to see us write about next.

Focussing on the workplace in our latest annual air quality report

For the third edition of our hugely popular Our Air in Review series, we’ve built on data we’ve collected in previous years to further contextualise the impact and importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) within the workplace. Having published our inaugural annual report, ‘Our Air in Review’ in 2020, our previous years reports have been … Read more

AirRated Office with good Indoor Air Quality

Exposing the silent killer: poor Indoor Air Quality.

As employees return to their offices, companies may unwittingly be increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmission by failing to make operational changes to improve indoor air quality. Better ventilation systems and improved air quality will play an important role in preventing airborne infection and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Companies looking to reoccupy … Read more

Sustainably healthy building

The sustainably healthy building paradox

There’s no denying that our commercial spaces need to be more sustainable, but at what cost? Awareness of the ongoing climate crisis and its impact on our day to day lives is increasingly tangible as we see bills rise, and social disruption and increasing political pressure being mounted on governments and decision makers. Whilst this … Read more

AirRated named as finalist in the Property Awards 2023 for the Health and Wellbeing Initiative – Commercial Property category

The annual Property Awards, organised by Property Week, is just around the corner and brings together the key players in the commercial property market, including developers, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers and agencies. Now in its 28th year, AirRated, alongside Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) have been shortlisted in the health and wellbeing – commercial property … Read more

Enra Specialist Finance become first organisation to achieve innovative continuous indoor air quality award

AirRated, creator of the global benchmark for indoor air quality (IAQ), has announced Enra Specialist Finance as the first organisation in the world to receive its new AirScore 365 award for excellence in indoor air quality performance. The award signifies Enra’s commitment to undertaking continuous IAQ monitoring of their workspace within The Hyde, operated by … Read more

Ben Cross from General Projects who is a fan of retrofits

The triumph of retrofits in two minutes: with Ben Cross

Ben Cross is Development Associate at General Projects. He’s here to change our minds about existing building stock. With the construction industry responsible for 39% of global CO2 emissions, the time is right to retrofit. AirRated worked with General Projects to optimise HVAC design using our AirScore D&O certification at 242 Marylebone Road – an … Read more

millennials and gen-z on skateboards

Where do millennials want to live?

Millennials are a record-breaking generation Millennials have just usurped baby boomers to become the UK’s largest living generation, with a population of 14.26 million people aged between 26-41 years old. Successive Generation Z (zoomers) already make up around 19% of the UK’s population and 27% in the US. They’re the most racially and ethnically diverse … Read more

a tall healthy building under construction

How healthy buildings affect our wellbeing

“The connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists.” – Florence Nightingale What is a healthy building?A healthy building is one that supports the physical health and emotional wellbeing of its users. This is chiefly addressed by using non-hazardous materials and by designing-in features that improve … Read more