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Global indoor air quality benchmark launches

This excerpt is taken from Prime Resi – Journal of Luxury Property Ekkist founder Olga Turner Baker has launched a new venture, teaming up with Metrikus to create AirRated, which provides property developers and owners with a “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality”. A new “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality” has launched today, offering official … Read more

Bad air quality causing smog in Los Angeles

High pollution event sweeps across the UK

There is a high pollution event sweeping across the UK this weekend, where Southern England and Wales will most likely see the highest levels. This is the result of weather systems blowing high levels of pollutants across from Europe and the low winds over the UK being unable to disperse them. The sources of the … Read more

Air pollution and climate change are related

Is there a relationship between Air Pollution and Climate Change

Worldwide air pollution has fallen sharply due to COVID19 lockdowns, in the UK it’s estimated that NOx concentrations have been reduced by 30 to 40%. As a result, there’s been widespread media coverage and it’s got people stating that this is an opportunity to meet climate targets. However, despite efforts, it’s likely that low levels … Read more

How to reduce COVID-19 in your home

Reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19 in your home

Society is currently facing a very uneasy situation. The total number of COVID-19 cases is currently a stone’s throw from a million, and will continue to increase. It is estimated that up to 60% of people will contract COVID-19 within the next year, which has led to the implementation of drastic measures. Affected countries are … Read more

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The Global Benchmark for Indoor Air Quality

On the 12th of March, we celebrated the official launch of AirRated, a certification programme providing an easily recognisable international benchmark for Indoor Air Quality. We were delighted to award AirScore plaques to our inaugural clients, covering our three key sectors; residential, public and commercial. For residential, we have monitored and advised Landsby West, a … Read more

Architectural Image of a building with indoor air quality certification

The Five AirScore Fundamentals and Why They Matter

Our three-week environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. Whilst this is on-going, outdoor data from local and UK-wide in situ monitoring stations is also analysed and taken into consideration. Once IAQ data is collected, our in-house environmental scientists test these data sets against the AirRated Scoring System, to generate an AirScore. … Read more

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Global indoor air quality benchmark launches

Article from: Prime Resi A new “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality” has launched today, offering official certification for new-build homes as well as public sector and office buildings. AirRated has been created by well-building guru Olga Baker Turner, who has teamed up with environmental tech agency Metrikus to help property developers and owners betterunderstand, … Read more