For the third edition of Our Air in Review, we’ve built on data we’ve collected in previous years to further contextualise the impact and importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) within the workplace.

Explore our most comprehensive workplace air quality survey ever, with relevant trends throughout the UK and US from the past three years.

Our Air in Review: The workplace edition features:

State of play: IAQ awareness in the UK and US – Do decision-makers and employees know much about IAQ? And do they associate air quality with the office?

IAQ in the workplace – With all things considered, is the health of a workplace important?

The demand for healthy buildings: The employees’ view on IAQ – Do those that work in the office care about indoor air quality?

Views from the top: What do business decision-makers think? – Do decision-makers factor in the health of an office space when choosing where an organisation works?

Tension in the air: Where employees and decision-makers don’t agree – Is there misalignment between employees and those making the decisions on the commercial space they use?

Key takeaways – How do the insights from this report impact you? And what are your next steps?

Key findings

We interviewed over 1,400 people across the UK and US (both decision-makers and employees) to identify the key trends regarding IAQ in the workplace.


of employees believe that IAQ monitoring in the office should be mandatory.


might not work for a company that isn’t transparent about its indoor air quality.


is the premium occupiers would pay on rent for a building that had a healthy building certification.

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