AirRated Pricing & Product Update: 2023

At AirRated we strive to create the best, most robust, value-for-money certifications for indoor air quality. Having launched the global benchmark for indoor air quality in 2020, our passion to empower humanity with the knowledge of the air they are breathing and the power to change it still remains.

However, in order for us to stay true to this mission and to keep developing our certifications there comes a time when we have to update our products and pricing. Having offered indoor air quality certifications for over 3 years now, we’ve taken learnings and feedback from our clients and partners to ensure we’re improving the robustness of our certifications whilst also keeping our pricing competitive. 

We want AirRated certifications to be straightforward to access and simple to undertake so that as many organisations and buildings as possible can better understand their indoor environments without the daunting processes and costs which are sometimes associated with healthy building certifications.

Why our prices are changing

As you will have seen across most businesses, operating costs are increasing with inflation and other economic pressures; these have affected us and our supply chain too. In order to combat this we have to raise our prices accordingly.

Additionally, we are adding extra robustness to our products and additional testing options to help you align your AirRated certifications to testing requirements for other healthy building certifications that you may be undertaking.

From Monday 17th April, the new standard prices outlined below will come into effect (unless otherwise agreed with your account manager).

What’s changing?

Here’s a breakdown of how our existing certifications are changing:

AirScore Design & Operation (D&O)

The AirScore D&O is designed to perform a healthy building gap analysis of the current building specification and advise on adjustments/enhancements to create a healthier, more sustainable building. AirScore D&O provides an indicative IAQ performance value based on the design specification and external air quality and climate data of the site location.

The certification itself isn’t changing, just the split of services within the D&O certification to provide additional flexibility at the design stage and the pricing associated with those services.

Project Stage

New buildings or heavy refurbishment of existing buildings


Starting from £4,000 for registration and initial review and an additional £4,000 for full certification (formerly a flat £7,500 fee).

From £8,000 / HVAC design

We offer these services separately, so you are not obliged to undertake the full certification upon instructing the registration and initial review. This, however, means that you couldn’t communicate or advertise your AirScore D&O rating publicly and your initial review would be for internal use only.

What do you get?

Registration and initial review:

  • Begin to promote your commitment to certification using the AirScore D&O registration
  • Initial review – a gap analysis followed by a written report shows an indicative score based on the current HVAC and ongoing operation specification. This report includes improvements and adjustments to achieve higher levels of classification.

Full certification 

  • A formal commitment is made to the agreed specification
  • AirScore D&O certification (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • AirScore D&O – a full report with complete breakdown of performance across our core IAQ parameters
  • Leasing agent training – complementary training provided to your leasing team to help them communicate the certification meaningfully 
  • AirScore D&O marketing pack (inc. marketing guides & assets) plus 2 hours of marketing support
  • Listing in our AirScore building directory for the period of certification


The AirScore analyses a building’s IAQ data over a 3-week period to understand how healthy the indoor environment is. Measured against AirRated’s global benchmark for IAQ, this data is scored across 5 core parameters to provide an easy-to-understand performance rating, providing transparency about the health of a building.

Previously the AirScore was an annual certification that required yearly re-certification. Now the AirScore is becoming a three-year certification. Your classification (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum) is valid for three years from the initial certification and is maintained by meeting consistent performance at annual testing.

AirScores will now also include additional volatile organic compound (VOC) testing through passive sampling as standard to provide additional robustness to AirScore certifications going forward.

Why change to a three-year certification?

There are a number of reasons why we’ve chosen to move to three-year certification from an annual certification. 

Firstly, by switching to three years, the AirScore now aligns with other, familiar building certifications, allowing you to sync up your certifications and manage them more easily.

Secondly, we wanted to give more consistency to clients undertaking an AirScore. You will now keep the score you received in your Year 1 assessment for the duration of your three-year period should your building maintain consistent performance.

Finally, by conducting yearly assessments you can better understand how your building performs over time. We all know that good indoor air quality isn’t the result of a one-off assessment but an ongoing commitment to creating a healthy, safe and productive environment.

We also found that most of our customers had longer-term commitments with us and re-certified their buildings yearly, so we wanted to evolve the AirScore certification to make this process easier and simpler.

Project Stage

Post-completion or in-use buildings


Starting from £2,800 per year

We will invoice annually to spread the cost across the three years. By committing to a three-year period, you will also be exempt from any future price increases during that time.

What do you get?

  • Rental, install and decommission of testing equipment (if no existing sensors) for each yearly assessment
  • AirScore certification (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • AirScore report – full breakdown of building performance across our 5 core IAQ parameters once a year
  • AirScore marketing pack (inc. marketing guides & assets) plus 2 hours of marketing support
  • Listing in our AirScore building directory for the period of certification
  • 1 x sustainable, premium metal engraved AirScore plaque for you to proudly display in your building

Monthly AirScore

The Monthly AirScore is only applicable for buildings with an existing (active) AirScore certification with permanently installed IAQ sensors. Taking monthly datasets, AirRated creates a bite-sized AirScore report to independently analyse and validate IAQ performance across our 5 core parameters on a monthly basis, for internal use only.

Project Stage

In-use buildings with an active AirScore certification. Ideal for landlords or building managers to communicate ongoing IAQ performance to occupiers and stakeholders.


Starting from £80 per month for 11 months (minimum commitment)

Only adopted after AirScore certification. This is in addition to AirScore certification and annual testing and invoiced monthly.

What do you get?

  • Monthly summary report of IAQ performance across our 5 core IAQ parameters
  • Potential to qualify for the AirScore 365 award after 12 months, depending on performance

New certifications

Alongside updates to our existing set of certifications, we’ve also launched two new certifications to cater for buildings, projects and indoor environments that require additional IAQ testing to support other certifications or want to seek certification without a performance rating such as the AirScore.

A three-week environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. This data is then tested against our scoring system to create your building’s own AirScore.

AirScore Plus gives you the option to include extra testing with your AirScore certification to support additional building certifications or other requirements for your project and provide an enhanced overview of your IAQ performance.

Align your AirScore certification with the WELL Standard, Fitwel and BREEAM and test for all your indoor air quality requirements at once.

Find out more about AirScore Plus

The AirRated Certificate is a pass/fail certification for buildings and use cases that don’t require a performance rating.

A three-week environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. This data is then tested against our scoring system to ensure your building meets minimum best practice thresholds.

Find out more about AirRated Certification

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