AirRated provides a certification for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Using the latest sensor technology, we collect detailed information about your IAQ, then grade it based on leading medical research and industry best practice. This process determines your building’s AirScore.

AirScore – the Global Benchmark for Indoor Air Quality


An AirScore is a simple and reliable measure for Indoor Air Quality in the built environment. The latest sensor technology is used to monitor five key parameters for IAQ: humidity, temperature, PM2.5, TVOCs and carbon dioxide. Following a three-week monitoring period, an AirScore is determined to give an industry-leading analysis of your building’s indoor health. 

The benefits of an AirScore are plenty. Some examples include attracting occupiers and residents, enhancing marketing campaigns and responding to changing expectations for indoor spaces. Across the board, an AirScore shows consideration for the wellbeing of the people within your indoor environments.

How it works
The three-week AirRated environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. Data from outdoor environmental monitoring stations is also analysed and taken into consideration, as this can have a significant impact on your Indoor Air Quality.

Once the data is collected, our in-house environmental scientists test these data sets against the AirRated scoring system, to generate your building’s AirScore.

The AirScore consists of five fundamental parameters. The three most impactful (PM2.5, CO2 and TVOCs) must each meet a mandatory minimum threshold requirement for 95% of survey hours in order to pass and become ‘Certified’.

A report is then provided with a detailed analysis of your Indoor Air Quality, alongside any suggested remedial actions.

Platinum AirScore

Gold AirScore

Silver AirScore

Certified AirScore


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