AirRated Logo is a certification system for indoor air quality. We provide detailed air quality information using the latest sensor technology and grade it based on leading medical research.


An AirScore is a recognisable and simple benchmark for the built environment. We use the latest sensor technology to monitor 5 key air quality parameters: Humidity, Temperature, PM2.5, TVOCs and Carbon Dioxide. Following a 3 week monitoring period an AirScore is generated.

The three-week AirRated environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality. Whilst this is on-going, outdoor data from local and UK-wide in situ monitoring stations is analysed and taken into consideration, as this heavily influences IAQ.

Once IAQ data is collected, our in-house environmental scientists test these data sets against the AirRated Scoring System, to generate an AirScore. Each fundamental parameter must meet a mandatory minimum threshold requirement for 95% of survey hours, in order to pass and become Certified. A report is then provided detailing your AirScore and any potential remedial actions needed.

Qualified scores of 9.0–10

Qualified scores of 8.5-8.9

Qualified scores of 8.1-8.4

Qualified scores of 6.0-8.0

  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Dust
  • Temperature
  • TVOCs


Operational team

Gary Cottle


Olga Turner-Baker MRICS WELL AP


Michael Grant


Niall Ingham MRICS

Head of London

Francesca Brady Msc Fitwel

Head of Environmental Research

Chloe Evans

Environmental Scientist

Oliver Spriggs MRICS